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    Our approach to mental health is integrated. The fundamental goal of an integrative approach to mental health is to find the most appropriate treatments (conventional and complementary) that safely and effectively address the symptoms of the individual while taking into account personal preferences, cultural beliefs, and financial constraints, an approach endorsed by the board of trustees of the American Psychiatric Association.

    By using an integrative approach, we consider sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, and spiritual practices that impact your functioning and mental health.  Additionally, we use  DBT, mindfulness, CBT, and expressive therapies to help clients find what works best for them. We are humanists and believe that each person has their own power that can be tapped into when the challenges of our lives are managed.

     We specialize in psychotherapy for

  • Teachers
  • Individuals suffering from chronic illness
  • BIPOC who have experienced racial trauma

All services are offered through Telehealth. We can provide services across Pennsylvania. 

    Blue Cross-Blue Shield and Aetna insurances are accepted. Out-of-Network benefits can be requested from other insurance companies. Superbills are available to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

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